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Induction of oxidative stress, apoptosis and DNA damage by koumine in Tetrahymena thermophila

manuscript. We are very grateful to Professor Miao for provide T. thermophila strain. 11 / 15 Author Contributions Data curation: Qiao Ye. Formal analysis: Qiao Ye, Chaonan Zhang, Yongyong Feng. Funding ... acquisition: Jixing Zou. Methodology: Qiao Ye, Zhenlu Wang, Shaolin Xie, Jixing Zou. Resources: Qiong Xiang, Enfeng Song. Software: Yongyong Feng, Aiguo Zhou. Writing ? original draft: Qiao Ye, Jixing Zou

Generation of all-male-like sterile zebrafish by eliminating primordial germ cells at early development

Production of all-male and sterile fish may not only substantially improve yield but also be crucial for the application of genome modified species in aquaculture. Previously, it was reported that the fish lacking primordial germ cells (PGCs) becomes infertile, and nitroreductase, an enzyme converting non-toxic metronidazole (MTZ) into toxic metabolites, induces targeted toxicity...