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Existence of positive periodic solutions of second-order differential equations with weak singularities

We establish the existence of positive periodic solutions of the second-order differential equation x ″ + a ( t ) x = f ( t , x ) + c ( t ) via Schauder’s fixed point theorem, where a ∈ L 1 ( R / T Z ; R + ) , c ∈ L 1 ( R / T Z ; R ) , f is a Caratheodory function and it is singular at x = 0 . Our main results generalize some recent results by Torres (J. Differ. Equ. 232:277-284...

Prediction of Surface Roughness and Optimization of Cutting Parameters of Stainless Steel Turning Based on RSM

The turning test of stainless steel was carried out by using the central composite surface design of response surface method (RSM) and Taguchi design method of central combination design. The influence of cutting parameters (cutting speed, feed rate, and cutting depth) on the surface roughness was analyzed. The surface roughness prediction model was established based on the...