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Non-additive effects of litter diversity on greenhouse gas emissions from alpine steppe soil in Northern Tibet

100101, ChinaJian SunJiangxi Agricultural University, Nanchang City, 330045, Jiangxi, 330045 China.Fangting Xie AuthorsSearch for Youchao Chen in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch

Temporal-Spatial Variation and Controls of Soil Respiration in Different Primary Succession Stages on Glacier Forehead in Gongga Mountain, China

Soil respiration (SR) is an important process in the global carbon cycle. It is difficult to estimate SR emission accurately because of its temporal and spatial variability. Primary forest succession on Glacier forehead provides the ideal environment for examining the temporal-spatial variation and controlling factors of SR. However, relevant studies on SR are relatively scarce...