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Oral health status of the disabled compared with that of the non-disabled in Korea: A propensity score matching analysis

: HI15C1503). 10 / 12 Author Contributions Conceptualization: Bo-Hyoung Jin. Data curation: Jae-Young Lee, Kyung-Cheol Lim, So-Yun Kim, Hye-Ran Paik, Young-Jae Kim. Formal analysis: Jae-Young Lee, So-Yun ... Kim, Hye-Ran Paik. Investigation: Kyung-Cheol Lim, So-Yun Kim, Hye-Ran Paik, Bo-Hyoung Jin. Methodology: Jae-Young Lee. Project administration: Young-Jae Kim. Supervision: Young-Jae Kim, Bo-Hyoung

Automated Segmentation Methods of Drusen to Diagnose Age-Related Macular Degeneration Screening in Retinal Images

; Published 12 March 2018 Academic Editor: Fumiharu Togo Copyright © 2018 Young Jae Kim and Kwang Gi Kim. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which

Computer-aided detection of brain metastasis on 3D MR imaging: Observer performance study

Purpose To assess the effect of computer-aided detection (CAD) of brain metastasis (BM) on radiologists’ diagnostic performance in interpreting three-dimensional brain magnetic resonance (MR) imaging using follow-up imaging and consensus as the reference standard. Materials and methods The institutional review board approved this retrospective study. The study cohort consisted of...

Usefulness of Texture Analysis in Differentiating Transient from Persistent Part-solid Nodules(PSNs): A Retrospective Study

Background Early discrimination between transient and persistent par-solid ground-glass nodules (PSNs) at CT is essential for patient management. The objective of our study was to retrospectively investigate the value of texture analysis in differentiating pulmonary transient and persistent PSNs in addition to clinical and CT features. Methods This retrospective study was...

Comparison of CT-Determined Pulmonary Artery Diameter, Aortic Diameter, and Their Ratio in Healthy and Diverse Clinical Conditions

Background The main pulmonary artery diameter (mPA), aortic diameter (Ao), and the mPA/Ao ratio, easily measured using chest computed tomography (CT), provide information that enables the diagnosis and evaluation of cardiopulmonary diseases. Here, we used CT to determine the sex- and age-specific distribution of normal reference values for mPA, Ao, and mPA/Ao ratio in an adult...

Multiparametric Monitoring of Early Response to Antiangiogenic Therapy: A Sequential Perfusion CT and PET/CT Study in a Rabbit VX2 Tumor Model

Objectives. To perform dual analysis of tumor perfusion and glucose metabolism using perfusion CT and FDG-PET/CT for the purpose of monitoring the early response to bevacizumab therapy in rabbit VX2 tumor models and to assess added value of FDG-PET to perfusion CT. Methods. Twenty-four VX2 carcinoma tumors implanted in bilateral back muscles of 12 rabbits were evaluated. Serial...

Purification and characterization of a novel thermoacid-stable fibrinolytic enzyme from Staphylococcus sp. strain AJ isolated from Korean salt-fermented Anchovy-joet

A novel fibrinolytic enzyme (AJ) was purified from Staphylococcus sp. strain AJ screened from Korean salt-fermented Anchovy-jeot. Relative molecular weight of AJ was determined as 26 kDa by using SDS-PAGE and fibrin zymography. Based on a 2D gel, AJ was found to consist of three active isoforms (pI 5.5–6.0) with the same N-terminal amino acid sequence. AJ exhibited optimum pH and...