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Two new species of Yunnanomonticola Telnov (Coleoptera, Anthicidae) from China

the two species as new in science. eol>Anthicidae; Yunnanomonticola; new species; China Introduction Copyright Yu-Chen Zhao et al. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the ... Holotype. ?, China, Mt. Xishan (24?56.26'N, 102?37.93'E), Kunming City, Yunnan, alt. 2,380 m, 11.VIII.2018, Yu-chen Zhao & Bing Yang. (Fig. 14) Paratypes. 15??, 13??, same collection data as the holotype; 1

Monotonicity in optimal mechanisms in general quasi-linear environments with a continuum of types

This paper provides conditions for the existence of optimal mechanism, in which the assignment rule takes the monotonic form and is determined independently of the transfer rule, in a principal-agent problem with a general quasi-linear environment. It is based on a complete characterization result of incentive-compatible mechanisms by monotonicity, envelope, and lower boundary...

Interactive effects of dopamine transporter genotype and aging on resting-state functional networks

: Christian Baeuchl, Manousos A. Klados, Shu-Chen Li. Data curation: Christian Baeuchl, Hsiang-Yu Chen, Yu-Shiang Su, Dorothea Ha?mmerer. Formal analysis: Christian Baeuchl, Hsiang-Yu Chen, Yu-Shiang Su ... , Shu-Chen Li. Resources: Dorothea Ha?mmerer. Software: Christian Baeuchl, Manousos A. Klados. Supervision: Manousos A. Klados, Shu-Chen Li. Validation: Christian Baeuchl, Hsiang-Yu Chen

Correction: Uncertainty and depressive symptoms as mediators of quality of life in patients with heart failure

Shu-Meng Cheng Yue-Cune Chang Authors Ting-Yu Chen and Chi-Wen Kao are incorrectly noted as equal contributors to this work. The full, correct byline is as follows: ? These authors contributed equally

TMT social capital, network position and innovation: the nature of micro-macro links

Employing a sample of 1476 firms and 5130 firm-years in China, we examine the relationship between social capital and macro organizational innovation. Based on the relational view and social capital theory, this study investigates how the top management team (TMT) inside an organization bridges and bonds social capital to influence innovations combined with organizational network...

Probing Palatini-type gravity theories through gravitational wave detections via quasinormal modes

The possibility of testing gravity theories with the help of gravitational wave detections has become an interesting arena of recent research. In this paper, we follow this direction by investigating the quasinormal modes (QNMs) of the axial perturbations for charged black holes in the Palatini-type theories of gravity, specifically (1) the Palatini f(R) gravity coupled with Born...

Detoxification therapy of traditional Chinese medicine for genital tract high-risk human papillomavirus infection: A systematic review and meta-analysis

interest. Author Li Huang declares that she has no conflict of interest. Author Yu Chen declares that she has no conflict of interest. Author ShaoBin Wei declares that she has no conflict of interest. have ... Huang. Formal analysis: Mei Luo, JiaJie Yu. Funding acquisition: Mei Luo, JiaJie Yu, ShaoBin Wei. Investigation: ShuYi Zhu, Li Huang, Yu Chen. Methodology: Mei Luo, JiaJie Yu. Project administration

HBB-deficient Macaca fascicularis monkey presents with human β-thalassemia

Sun, Hongyu Lu, Yu Chen, Xueying Chen, Qunshan Huang, Jianpei Fang, Chanquan Zhou, Shihua Yang and Junjiu Huang declare that they have no conflict of interest. Supplementary material

Factors associated with hospitalization for community-acquired pneumonia in home health care patients in Taiwan

BackgroundPneumonia is a leading cause of hospitalization and death worldwide. However, studies focusing on risk factors of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) in the home health care (HHC) population remain scarce.AimsThis study aimed to evaluate risk factors associated with hospitalization for CAP among HHC patients in Taiwan.MethodsThis retrospective cross-sectional study...

Testing a Cognitive Control Model of Human Intelligence

The definition of human intelligence and its underlying psychological constructs have long been debated. Although previous studies have investigated the fundamental cognitive functions determining intellectual abilities, such as the broadly defined executive functions including working memory, the core process has yet to be identified. A potential candidate for such a role might...

Interventions to improve the quality of bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation: A systematic review

Laboratory; and the Department of Medical Research of National Taiwan University Hospital. Conceptualization: Kuan-Yu Chen, Ming-Ju Hsieh, Wen-Chu Chiang, Matthew Huei-Ming Data curation: Kuan-Yu Chen, Ming-Ju ... Hsieh. Formal analysis: Kuan-Yu Chen, Ming-Ju Hsieh. Funding acquisition: Matthew Huei-Ming Ma. Investigation: Kuan-Yu Chen, Ying-Chih Ko, Ming-Ju Hsieh. Methodology: Kuan-Yu Chen, Ying-Chih Ko, Ming

Mechanical stretch induces hair regeneration through the alternative activation of macrophages

Tissues and cells in organism are continuously exposed to complex mechanical cues from the environment. Mechanical stimulations affect cell proliferation, differentiation, and migration, as well as determining tissue homeostasis and repair. By using a specially designed skin-stretching device, we discover that hair stem cells proliferate in response to stretch and hair...

Two-dimensional titanium carbide MXenes as efficient non-noble metal electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction

Han Lin (林翰)Lisong Chen (陈立松)Xiangyu Lu (逯向雨)Heliang Yao (姚鹤良)Yu Chen (陈雨)Jianlin Shi (施剑林) Articles First Online: 20 December 2018 3 Downloads Abstract MXenes, a new family of ... Bachelor degree in materials science and engineering at Changchun University of Science and Technology (CUST) in 2014. He is currently a PhD candidate under the supervision of Prof. Yu Chen and Prof. Jianlin

Identification of cucumber circular RNAs responsive to salt stress

Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are 3′-5′ head-to-tail covalently closed non-coding RNA that have been proved to play essential roles in many cellular and developmental processes. However, no information relate to cucumber circRNAs is available currently, especially under salt stress condition. In this study, we sequenced circRNAs in cucumber and a total of 2787 were identified, with...

Decreased Frequencies of Th17 and Tc17 Cells in Patients Infected with Avian Influenza A (H7N9) Virus

310003, China Correspondence should be addressed to Yu Chen; nc.ude.ujz@yzuynehc Received 14 October 2018; Revised 6 February 2019; Accepted 19 February 2019; Published 2 April 2019 Academic Editor

Dual roles of anterior cingulate cortex neurons in pain and pleasure in adult mice

Qi-Yu Chen contributed equally to this work. Abbreviations ACC:  Anterior cingulate cortex catFISH:  Cellular compartment analysis of temporal activity by fluorescent in situ hybridization

Development of a short and universal learning self-efficacy scale for clinical skills

-Yu Chen, Chien-Chih Wu. Validation: Chun-Hao Chang. Writing ? original draft: Yi-No Kang, Chun-Hao Chang. Writing ? review & editing: Chih-Chin Kao, Chien-Yu Chen, Chien-Chih Wu. 9 / 11 10 / 11

Synthetic switch to minimize CRISPR off-target effects by self-restricting Cas9 transcription and translation

CRISPR/Cas9 is a powerful genome editing system but uncontrolled Cas9 nuclease expression triggers off-target effects and even in vivo immune responses. Inspired by synthetic biology, here we built a synthetic switch that self-regulates Cas9 expression not only in the transcription step by guide RNA-aided self-cleavage of cas9 gene, but also in the translation step by L7Ae:K-turn...

A novel point-of-care oral anti-HCV assay: Is it reliable for screening hepatitis C virus infection in the era of direct-acting antivirals?

: Rui-Feng Yang, Yan Liu, Cai-Yan Zhao, Yu Chen, Ya-Dong Wang. Methodology: Rui-Feng Yang, Yan Liu, Cai-Yan Zhao, Yu Chen, Ya-Dong Wang. Validation: Ya-Xing Ding. Writing ? original draft: Rui-Feng Yang