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Control of the negative IRES trans-acting factor KHSRP by ubiquitination

Cells and viruses can utilize internal ribosome entry sites (IRES) to drive translation when cap-dependent translation is inhibited by stress or viral factors. IRES trans-acting factors (ITAFs) are known to participate in such cap-independent translation, but there are gaps in the understanding as to how ITAFs, particularly negative ITAFs, regulate IRES-driven translation. This...

Far upstream element binding protein 1 binds the internal ribosomal entry site of enterovirus 71 and enhances viral translation and viral growth

Peng-Nien Huang Jing-Yi Lin Nicolas Locker Yu-An Kung Chuan-Tien Hung Jhao-Yin Lin Hsing-I Huang Mei-Ling Li Shin-Ru Shih Enterovirus 71 (EV71) is associated with severe neurological disorders in

A cytoplasmic RNA virus generates functional viral small RNAs and regulates viral IRES activity in mammalian cells

Kuo-Feng Weng Chuan-Tien Hung Po-Ting Hsieh Mei-Ling Li Guang-Wu Chen Yu-An Kung Peng-Nien Huang Rei-Lin Kuo Li-Lien Chen Jing-Yi Lin Robert Yung-Liang Wang Shu-Jen Chen Petrus Tang Jim-Tong Horng