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A Novel Nanocone Cluster Microstructure with Anti-reflection and Superhydrophobic Properties for Photovoltaic Devices

As three-dimensional (3D) nanostructures can significantly improve the absorption capacity of photons, it is widely used in various photovoltaic devices. However, the high-cost and complex preparation process of traditional 3D nanostructures restricted its development greatly. In this paper, a new type of nanocone cluster microstructure was prepared on polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS...

Self-healable wire-shaped supercapacitors with two twisted NiCo2O4 coated polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel fibers

Wire-shaped supercapacitors (SCs) possessing light-weight, good flexibility and weavability have caught much attention, but it is still a challenge to extend the lifespan of the devices with gradual aging due to the rough usage or external factors. Herein, we report a new stretchable and self-healable wire-shaped SC. In the typical process, two polyvinyl alcohol/potassium...