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The effect of different treatments of lymph after intestinal ischemia-reperfusion in rats on macrophages in vitro

. Investigation: Rui Zhang, Jie Wang. Project administration: Wei Chen. Funding acquisition: Rui Zhang, Guizhen He, Yukang Wang, Wei Chen. 9 / 11 Resources: Jie Wang. Software: Yukang Wang. Supervision: Rui ... Zhang, Guizhen He, Jie Wang, Yingchun Xu. Validation: Guizhen He, Yukang Wang, Jie Wang, Wei Chen. Visualization: Guizhen He, Jie Wang, Wei Chen, Yingchun Xu. Writing ? original draft: Guizhen He

A transgenic mouse strain expressing four drug-selectable marker genes

Murine embryonic stem (ES) cells are commonly cultured on feeder layers of primary murine embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs). Because gene targeting experiments often involve sequential selection for multipledrug resistance in single ES cell lines, we have developed a new mouse strain which represents an economical donor for the production of multiple-drug resistant MEFs. MEFs prepared...