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Pairing Mechanism for Current High-Tc Superconducting Oxides

A new type of pairing mechanism is presented which may possibly lead to current high-Tc superconductivity in a natural way. The charge carriers are holes in the 3dx2-y2 state of Cu+, coexistent with Cu+3 on CuO2 layers. The repulsive Coulomb interaction between neighboring Cu-cations plays a crucial role in the present theory.

Ground State of a Semiconductor-like System with Transverse s-d Interaction and Perturbation Method†)

Application of perturbation method to the ground state of a semiconductor-like system with transverse s-d interaction is accompanied by a serious difficulty of logarithmic divergence similar to that of the ordinary s-d problem, as the width of the forbidden band, Δ, goes to zero. As a preliminary study to improving Abrikosov approximation by considering less divergent terms, it...

Electron Interaction and Positron Annihilation in Electron Gases

Akira HATANO 0 Hideo KANAZAWA 0 Yukio MIZUNO 0 0 Institute of Physics, College of General Education University of Tokyo , Meguro-ku, Tokyo An intuitive many- body treatment is presented of the

Consideration on Non-Orthogonality Catastrophe in the Heitler-London Theory. I

Yukio MIZUNO 0 Takeo IZUYAMA 0 0 Department of Physics, University of TokyO' , Tokyo Progress of Theoretical Physics, Vol. 22, No.3, September 19'59' We here prove generally and rigorously that the

Electron Interaction in Very Long Linear Conjugated Molecules. I: One-Dimensional Collective Oscillation of π Electron

Yukio MIZUNO 0 Takeo IZUYAMA 0 0 Department of Physics, University oj" Tokyo , Tokyo Low-lying electronic states of very long linear conjugated molecules with equal CC bond ]engths is studied within

Remarks on Mayer's Reduced Density Matrix Method

Mayer has proposed a variation method of finding the two-body reduced density matrix ρ2 for the ground state of a many fermion system. In this paper it is shown explicitly that his variation method is imperfect and sometimes leads to quite unsatisfactory results. Further, his trial form of ρ2 for electron gas is translated into that for the π electron system of benzene molecule...

Molecular Processes induced by µ- Mesons in Hydrogen Bubble Chamber. II

Molecular Processes induced by p.- Mesons in Hydrogen Bubble Chamber. II Yukio Mizuno,Takeo Izuyama and Mikio Shimizu Prog. Theor. Phys. 21 (1959), 479. Following corrections should be made. p. 479