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Research on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Straight-Bladed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with S Series Airfoils

Background. In order to investigate the effect of aerodynamic characteristics of S series airfoils on the straight-bladed vertical axis wind turbine (SB-VAWT), numerical simulations and wind tunnel experiments were carried out using a small SB-VAWT model with three kinds of blade airfoils, which are asymmetric airfoil S809, symmetric airfoil S1046, and NACA0018 used for...

Research on compression-rod lock–release mechanism with large load for space manipulator

With the development of Chinese space station, the space manipulator with large load plays a more and more important role. At the same time, the lock–release mechanism for the space manipulator must be reliable. In this study, the locking point layout method was proposed according to the size and the structure of the space manipulator, and the number and the position of the lock...

Variations of Strength, Resistivity and Thermal Parameters of Clay after High Temperature Treatment

This paper reports the variations of strength, resistivity and thermal parameters of clay after high-temperature heating. Experiments were carried out to test the physical properties of clay heated at temperatures ranging from room temperature to 800°C in a furnace. The experiment results show that below 400°C the uniaxial compressive strength and resistivity change very little...

Variations of five eIF4E genes across cassava accessions exhibiting tolerant and susceptible responses to cassava brown streak disease

: Zhixin Liu, Zhongguo Xiong. Investigation: Shanshan Shi, Xiuchun Zhang, M. Alejandra Mandel, Yuliang Zhang, Morag Ferguson, Teddy Amuge. Methodology: Shanshan Shi, M. Alejandra Mandel, Peng Zhang ... Zhang, Yuliang Zhang, Morag Ferguson, Steve Rounsley, Zhixin Liu, Zhongguo Xiong. 19 / 22 20 / 22 35. Ji GL, Li L, Li QSQ, Wu XD, Fu JY, et al. (2015) PASPA: a web server for mRNA poly(A) site predictions

Erratum to: Experimental study on a centrifugal pump with an open impeller during startup period

Journal of Thermal Science Vol. Experimental Study on a Centrifugal Pump with an Open Impeller during Startup Period Yuliang Zhang Zuchao Zhu Yingzi Jin Baoling Cui Yi Li Huashu Dou The footnote ... : Yuliang Zhang: Professor Zuchao ZHU: Professor Effects of Preprocessing Method on TVOC Emission of Car Mat Min Wang, Li Jia Agglomeration Characteristics of River Sand and Wheat Stalk Ash Mixture at High

Investigation of the thermal conductivities across metal-insulator transition in polycrystalline VO2

Previous reports about the thermal conductivities of VO2 showed various temperature dependences across metal-insulator transition (MIT) temperature. In this work, polycrystalline VO2 samples were fabricated by spark plasma sintering of VO2 powder. Temperature dependences of their thermal conductivities were investigated using laser flash technique, and the thermal conductivity...

Growth of anisotropic platinum nanostructures catalyzed by gold seed nanoparticles

This paper reports an effective method for the synthesis of platinum nanostructures with anisotropic morphologies by decomposition of platinum dichloride in oleylamine at intermediate temperatures catalyzed by gold seed nanoparticles. A small quantity of spherical gold nanoparticles formed in situ was used to trigger the nucleation and anisotropic growth of the Pt nanocrystals...