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Nore1 inhibits tumor cell growth independent of Ras or the MST1/2 kinases

Nore1, a noncatalytic protein identified by its ability to bind selectively to active Ras, is most closely related in amino-acid sequence to the tumor suppressor RASSF1. Both are expressed predominantly as a longer (Nore1A/RASSF1A) and/or shorter (Nore1B/RASSF1C) polypeptide; all four polypeptides contain a Ras-association domain and bind, through their conserved carboxytermini...

Assembly Pathway of Desmoglein 3 to Desmosomes and Its Perturbation by Pemphigus Vulgaris-IgG in Cultured Keratinocytes, as Revealed by Time-Lapsed Labeling Immunoelectron Microscopy

To determine the assembly pathway of desmoglein 3 (Dsg3) into desmosomes and the subsequent effects of pemphigus vulgaris immunoglobulin G (PV-IgG) on such, we employed a time-lapsed labeling for FITC/Rhodamine (Rod) double-stained immunofluorescence and 5-nm/10-nm gold double-stained immunoelectron microscopy by using PV-IgG, which was confirmed to react specifically Dsg3. Cells...