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Albuminuria and neck circumference are determinate factors of successful accurate estimation of glomerular filtration rate in high cardiovascular risk patients

Lin, Shih-Tai Chang, Wei-Shiang Lin, Chang Min Chung, Yun-Wen Shih, Fu-Chi Chen, Fu-Kang Hu, Yi-Syuan Wu, Chi-Wen Chang, Chi-Ming Chu. Data curation: Po-Jen Hsiao, Hung-Che Lin, Shih-Tai Chang, Jen ... -Te Hsu, Wei-Shiang Lin, Chang-Min Chung, Jung-Jung Chang, Yun-Wen Shih, Fu-Chi Chen, Fu-Kang Hu, Yi Syuan Wu, Chi-Wen Chang, Chi-Ming Chu. Formal analysis: Po-Jen Hsiao, Jen-Te Hsu, Wei-Shiang Lin

Gene expression profiling of breast cancer survivability by pooled cDNA microarray analysis using logistic regression, artificial neural networks and decision trees

Background Microarray technology can acquire information about thousands of genes simultaneously. We analyzed published breast cancer microarray databases to predict five-year recurrence and compared the performance of three data mining algorithms of artificial neural networks (ANN), decision trees (DT) and logistic regression (LR) and two composite models of DT-ANN and DT-LR...