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Translocation, genetic structure and homing ability confirm geographic barriers disrupt saltwater crocodile movement and dispersal

written as a part of Yusuke Fukuda?s PhD requirement. Craig Moritz at the Australian National University, Sam Banks, Hamish Campbell, and Keith Christian at Charles Darwin University are his supervisors ... : Yusuke Fukuda, Grahame Webb, Charlie Manolis, Garry Lindner, Sam Banks. Data curation: Yusuke Fukuda, Charlie Manolis, Garry Lindner, Sam Banks. Formal analysis: Yusuke Fukuda, Grahame Webb, Sam Banks

Dead or Alive? Factors Affecting the Survival of Victims during Attacks by Saltwater Crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) in Australia

Conflicts between humans and crocodilians are a widespread conservation challenge and the number of crocodile attacks is increasing worldwide. We identified the factors that most effectively decide whether a victim is injured or killed in a crocodile attack by fitting generalized linear models to a 42-year dataset of 87 attacks (27 fatal and 60 non-fatal) by saltwater crocodiles...

Effects of Assisted Reproduction Technology on Placental Imprinted Gene Expression

We used placental tissue to compare the imprinted gene expression of IGF2, H19, KCNQ1OT1, and CDKN1C of singletons conceived via assisted reproduction technology (ART) with that of spontaneously conceived (SC) singletons. Of 989 singletons examined (ART 𝑛=65; SC 𝑛=924), neonatal weight was significantly lower (𝑃<.001) in the ART group than in the SC group, but placental weight...