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Platelet adhesion on commercially pure titanium plates in vitro I: effects of plasma components and involvement of the von Willebrand factor and fibronectin

publication of these were obtained from all the participants. Competing interests Akira Takahashi, Shotaro Takahashi, Tetsuhiro Tsujino, Kazushige Isobe, Taisuke Watanabe, Yutaka Kitamura, Takao Watanabe, Koh

Spectrophotometric determination of platelet counts in platelet-rich plasma

Written informed consents for the publication of these were obtained from all the participants. Competing interests Yutaka Kitamura, Masashi Suzuki, Tsuneyuki Tsukioka, Kazushige Isobe, Tetsuhiro Tsujino

Direct activation of platelets by addition of CaCl2 leads coagulation of platelet-rich plasma

participants. Competing interests Toshihisa Toyoda, Kazushige Isobe, Tetsuhiro Tsujino, Yasuo Koyata, Fumitaka Ohyagi, Taisuke Watanabe, Masayuki Nakamura, Yutaka Kitamura, Hajime Okudera, Koh Nakata, and

Mechanical and degradation properties of advanced platelet-rich fibrin (A-PRF), concentrated growth factors (CGF), and platelet-poor plasma-derived fibrin (PPTF)

Watanebe, Hideo Kawabata, Yutaka Kitamura, Toshimitsu Okudera, Hajime Okudera, Kohya Uematsu, Kazuhiro Okuda, Koh Nakata, Takaaki Tanaka, and Tomoyuki Kawase state that they have no competing interest

Platelet-rich fibrin prepared from stored whole-blood samples

manuscript preparation. All authors read and approved the final version of the manuscript. Competing interests Kazushige Isobe, Masashi Suzuki, Taisuke Watanabe, Yutaka Kitamura, Taiji Suzuki, Hideo Kawabata

Ret/PTC3 is the most frequent form of gene rearrangement in papillary thyroid carcinomas in Japan

Rearrangements of the RET and TRK proto-oncogenes, which generate fusion oncogenes, are frequent in papillary thyroid carcinomas in Caucasian populations. To determine the spectrum of gene rearrangements in Japanese patients, we systematically examined 40 papillary thyroid carcinomas for all possible types of gene fusion events involving RET or TRK genes. RET rearrangements were...

Anaesthetic management of phaeochromo-cytoma associated with tricuspid atresia

The anaesthetic management of a patient with phaeochromo-cytoma, tricuspid atresia and pulmonary vascular stenosis is reported. The patient received no preoperative preparation with adrenergic blockers. Anaesthesia was induced and maintained with fentanyl, diazepam and sevoflurane. Intraoperative blood pressure was controlled with sodium nitroprusside, sevoflurane, phentolamine...