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Endovascular repair after stent elephant trunk procedure for extensive thoracic aortic aneurysm

Hybrid surgical-endovascular procedure was conducted in a 46-year-old male with extensive thoracic aortic aneurysm. Ascending aorta and arch replacement combined with stent elephant trunk implantation was performed first. An open stent-graft was implanted into the descending aorta. One month later, endovascular repair was conducted. Postoperative CTA showed total coverage of the...

Complications of open stent-graft in treatment of aortic dissection

Open stent-graft has been used in the treatment of aortic dissection in recent years. Two device related complications happened in two patients. One was stenosis of the true lumen in the descending aorta caused by infolding of the distal end of the stent-graft immediately after its deployment. The other one was a new intima tear at the distal end of the stent-graft caused by full...

A study of aortic dimension in type B aortic dissection

Difference between arch diameter and true lumen diameter in the descending aorta was studied in patients with type B aortic dissection. The diameters of the aortic arch (Proximal ϕ) and mid-descending aorta (Distal ϕ) were measured on computer tomography angiography (CTA) in 20 healthy adults. Forty-two patients with type B aortic dissection who underwent endovascular repair were...