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Dynamic comparisons of high-resolution expression profiles highlighting mitochondria-related genes between in vivo and in vitro fertilized early mouse embryos

STUDY QUESTION Does in vitro fertilization (IVF) induce comprehensive and consistent changes in gene expression associated with mitochondrial biogenesis and function in mouse embryos from the pre- to post-implantation stage?

Baicalein Reduces the Invasion of Glioma Cells via Reducing the Activity of p38 Signaling Pathway

Baicalein, one of the major flavonids in Scutellaria baicalensis, has historically been used in anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer therapies. However, the anti-metastatic effect and related mechanism(s) in glioma are still unclear. In this study, we thus utilized glioma cell lines U87MG and U251MG to explore the effect of baicalein. We found that administration of baicalein...

Palmitic and linoleic acids induce ER stress and apoptosis in hepatoma cells

Objectives Hepatic inflammation and degeneration induced by lipid depositions may be the major cause of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. In this study, we tried to investigate the effects of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids on hepatoma cell apoptosis. Methods H4IIE liver cells were treated with palmitic acid, linoleic acid, or both with or without the calcium-specific...