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The Influence of Demography and Weak Selection on the McDonald–Kreitman Test: An Empirical Study in Drosophila

The McDonald–Kreitman (MK) test, which compares the ratio of polymorphism to divergence at nonsynonymous and synonymous sites, is frequently used to detect adaptive evolution in protein-coding sequences. Because the two classes of sites share a common evolutionary history, the MK test is thought to be robust to most demographic factors. However, weak selection on nonsynonymous...

Positive Correlation Between Evolutionary Rate and Recombination Rate in Drosophila Genes with Male-Biased Expression

Previous studies have shown that genes that are expressed predominantly or exclusively in males tend to evolve rapidly in comparison to other genes. In most cases, however, it is unknown whether this rapid evolution is the result of increased positive (or sexual) selection on male-expressed traits or if it is due to a relaxation of selective constraints. To distinguish between...

Molecular Evolution of Sex-Biased Genes in Drosophila

Studies of morphology, interspecific hybridization, protein/DNA sequences, and levels of gene expression have suggested that sex-related characters (particularly those involved in male reproduction) evolve rapidly relative to non–sex-related characters. Here we report a general comparison of evolutionary rates of sex-biased genes using data from cDNA microarray experiments and...