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Evaluation of the analgesic effects of ammoxetine, a novel potent serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor

manuscript revision. Lei ZHU helped in manuscript revision. You-zhi ZHANG and Cai-ying YE contributed to the research design and manuscript revision. 1 Bair MJ , Robinson RL , Katon W , Kroenke K. Depression

Involvements of PCD and changes in gene expression profile during self-pruning of spring shoots in sweet orange (Citrus sinensis)

Background Citrus shoot tips abscise at an anatomically distinct abscission zone (AZ) that separates the top part of the shoots into basal and apical portions (citrus self-pruning). Cell separation occurs only at the AZ, which suggests its cells have distinctive molecular regulation. Although several studies have looked into the morphological aspects of self-pruning process, the...

An improved substrate cocktail for assessing direct inhibition and time-dependent inhibition of multiple cytochrome P450s

JDMo.sinAgutaoncdatLaalybteicllianlgky2l0at0io6n. of the lytic tools; Li-shan LIN, Tao CHEN and Fei-peng ZHANG cytochrome P-450 prosthetic haem group by 1-aminobenzotriazole. analyzed the data; Ke-zhi ZHANG and Su-xing ZHANG Isolation of an NN

A single-dose toxicity study on non-radioactive iodinated hypericin for a targeted anticancer therapy in mice

CHEN, Guo-zhi ZHANG, Xue-bin FU, and Yi-cheng NI; literature search and manuscript drafting or editing: Jun-jie LI, Marlein Miranda CONA, Yuan-bo FENG, Feng CHEN, and Yi-cheng NI; manuscript revision for

Transcriptome profile analysis of flowering molecular processes of early flowering trifoliate orange mutant and the wild-type [Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf.] by massively parallel signature sequencing

Background After several years in the juvenile phase, trees undergo flowering transition to become mature (florally competent) trees. This transition depends on the balanced expression of a complex network of genes that is regulated by both endogenous and environmental factors. However, relatively little is known about the molecular processes regulating flowering transition in...