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BS69/ZMYND11 C-Terminal Domains Bind and Inhibit EBNA2

Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) nuclear antigen 2 (EBNA2) plays an important role in driving immortalization of EBV-infected B cells through regulating the expression of many viral and cellular genes. We report a structural study of the tumor suppressor BS69/ZMYND11 C-terminal region, comprised of tandem coiled-coil-MYND domains (BS69CC-MYND), in complex with an EBNA2 peptide containing...

Splicing proofreading at 5′ splice sites by ATPase Prp28p

Fidelity and efficiency of pre-mRNA splicing are critical for generating functional mRNAs, but how such accuracy in 5′ splice site (SS) selection is attained is not fully clear. Through a series of yeast genetic screens, we isolated alleles of prp28 that improve splicing of suboptimal 5′SS substrates, demonstrating that WT-Prp28p proofreads, and consequently rejects, poor 5′SS...