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Anode material NbO for Li-ion battery and its electrochemical properties

The NbO electrode materials were successfully synthesized by high-temperature solid-phase method using Nb powders and Nb2O5 powders as raw materials. The crystalline structure, morphology, and electrochemical properties of the obtained materials were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), dynamic light scattering instrument (DLSA), half-cell...

Impact of atmospheric and oceanic conditions on the frequency and genesis location of tropical cyclones over the western North Pacific in 2004 and 2010

Impact of Atmospheric and Oceanic Conditions on the Frequency and Genesis Location of Tropical Cyclones over the Western North Pacific in 2004 and 2010 Pan SONG 0 2 Jiang ZHU 1 Zhong ZHONG 2 Linlin

High-energy X-ray focusing and applications to pair distribution function investigation of Pt and Au nanoparticles at high pressures

, USAXinguo Hong, Lars Ehm & Donald J. WeidnerNational Synchrotron Light Source II, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY 11973, USALars Ehm, Zhong Zhong & Sanjit GhoseDepartment of Geosciences, Princeton ... ScholarSearch for Zhong Zhong in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Sanjit Ghose in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Thomas S. Duffy in:Nature Research

Diffraction-Enhanced Imaging

in lung and the spongy framework of trabecular bone. Compliance with Ethics Guidelines Conflict of Interest Dr. Dean Connor and Dr. Zhong Zhong are cofounders of and part owners of NextRay, Inc., a

Prevention Effects and Possible Molecular Mechanism of Mulberry Leaf Extract and its Formulation on Rats with Insulin-Insensitivity

Yuchi Hu Zhong Zhong Chang Liu MinJie Li 0 0 Research and Development Center of Amway (China) , Shanghai , China , 2 Beijing Institute for Drug Control (Beijing Center For Health Food And Cosmetics ... Supporting Information files. Funding: The authors YL and MJL are paid employees of Amway, China. The author YGB is a paid employee of Beijing Pepnoch Co., Ltd. The author Zhong Zhong is a paid employee of

Disease modeling and drug screening for neurological diseases using human induced pluripotent stem cells

, ChinaXiao-hong XuRegenerative Medicine DPU, GlaxoSmithKline (China) R&D Co, Ltd, Shanghai 201203, ChinaXiao-hong Xu & Zhong Zhong AuthorsSearch for Xiao-hong Xu in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ... ScholarSearch for Zhong Zhong in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Corresponding author Correspondence to Zhong Zhong. Rights and permissions This work is licensed under the Creative Commons

Electrochemical performance of Al2O3 pre-coated spinel LiMn2O4

Al2O3-coated spinel LiMn2O4 cathode materials, presintered LiMn2O4 (P-LMO), and calcined LiMn2O4 (C-LMO) were synthesized by chemical deposition and thermal treating method using presintered and calcined LiMn2O4 as precursors. The crystal structure, morphology, the thickness of the coating layer, and particle size of prepared samples were investigated by X-ray diffraction (XRD...

Non-destructive diffraction enhanced imaging of seeds

Techniques that make possible the non-destructive continuous observation of plant anatomy and developmental processes provide novel insights into these phenomena. Non-destructive imaging of seeds was demonstrated using the synchrotron-based X-ray imaging technique, diffraction enhanced imaging (DEI). The seed images obtained had good contrast and definition, allowing anatomical...

SIRT1 Activators Suppress Inflammatory Responses through Promotion of p65 Deacetylation and Inhibition of NF-κB Activity

Chronic inflammation is a major contributing factor in the pathogenesis of many age-associated diseases. One central protein that regulates inflammation is NF-κB, the activity of which is modulated by post-translational modifications as well as by association with co-activator and co-repressor proteins. SIRT1, an NAD+-dependent protein deacetylase, has been shown to suppress NF...

The genomic structure of the STAT genes: multiple exons in coincident sites in Stat1 and Stat2

The genomic structure of Stat2 has been determined and compared with a large portion of the Stat1 gene. There are 24 exons in the Stat2 gene and a matching number In very similar positions in the Stat1 gene. Thus a very complicated genomic structure was presumably duplicated and has been closely maintained throughout evolution.