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Applicability of personal laser scanning in forestry inventory

provided by Beijing ONROL Technology Co., Ltd. Conceptualization: Shilin Chen, Zhongke Feng. Data curation: Panpan Chen. Formal analysis: Shilin Chen, Chaoyong Shen. Investigation: Shilin Chen, Haiyang

Development and evaluation of height diameter at breast models for native Chinese Metasequoia

University, College of Horticulture and Forestry Sciences, who provided help with survey instruments. Author Contributions Data curation: Mu Liu. Conceptualization: Mu Liu, Zhongke Feng, Zhixiang Zhang ... , Chenghui Ma. Formal analysis: Mu Liu, Zhongke Feng, Chenghui Ma, Mingming Wang, Bo-ling Lian. Investigation: Mu Liu, Chenghui Ma, Renjie Sun, Li Zhang. Methodology: Mu Liu, Chenghui Ma. Project

Using LiDAR Data to Measure the 3D Green Biomass of Beijing Urban Forest in China

The purpose of the paper is to find a new approach to measure 3D green biomass of urban forest and to testify its precision. In this study, the 3D green biomass could be acquired on basis of a remote sensing inversion model in which each standing wood was first scanned by Terrestrial Laser Scanner to catch its point cloud data, then the point cloud picture was opened in a digital...