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Using mating-type loci to improve taxonomy of the Tuber indicum complex, and discovery of a new species, T. longispinosum

Feng, Keisuke Obase, Zhu L. Yang, Takashi Yamanaka. Writing ± review & editing: Akihiko Kinoshita, Kazuhide Nara, Hiromi Sasaki, Bang Feng, Keisuke Obase, Zhu L. Yang, Takashi Yamanaka. 18 / 21 10. 19

Genetic diversity and structure of core collection of winter mushroom (Flammulina velutipes) developed by genomic SSR markers

Background A core collection is a subset of an entire collection that represents as much of the genetic diversity of the entire collection as possible. The establishment of a core collection for crops is practical for efficient management and use of germplasm. However, the establishment of a core collection of mushrooms is still in its infancy, and no established core collection...

A multi-gene phylogeny of Chlorophyllum (Agaricaceae, Basidiomycota): new species, new combination and infrageneric classification

Sysouphanthong Retha van der Walt Carmine Lavorato Yi-Feng An 0 Zhu L. Yang 0 0 Key Laboratory for Plant Diversity and Biogeography of East Asia, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences , Kunming ... and C. sphaerosporum Z.W. Ge & Zhu L. Yang were described from Spain, India and China, respectively (Crous et al. 2015a; Crous et al. 2015b; Ge and Yang 2006) . These studies provided a better

Mixed-reproductive strategies, competitive mating-type distribution and life cycle of fourteen black morel species

Morchella species are well known world-round as popular and prized edible fungi due to their unique culinary flavor. Recently, several species have been successfully cultivated in China. However, their reproductive modes are still unknown, and their basic biology needs to be elucidated. Here, we use the morel genome information to investigate mating systems and life cycles of...

High inbreeding, limited recombination and divergent evolutionary patterns between two sympatric morel species in China

As highly prized, popular mushrooms, morels are widely distributed in the northern hemisphere, with China as a modern centre of speciation and diversity. Overharvesting of morels has caused concern over how to effectively preserve their biological and genetic diversity. However, little is known about their population biology and life cycle. In this study, we selected two...

Phylogenetic Analyses of Armillaria Reveal at Least 15 Phylogenetic Lineages in China, Seven of Which Are Associated with Cultivated Gastrodia elata

Fungal species of Armillaria, which can act as plant pathogens and/or symbionts of the Chinese traditional medicinal herb Gastrodia elata (“Tianma”), are ecologically and economically important and have consequently attracted the attention of mycologists. However, their taxonomy has been highly dependent on morphological characterization and mating tests. In this study, we...

Molecular techniques revolutionize knowledge of basidiomycete evolution

Zhu L. Yang 0 ) Key Laboratory of Biodiversity and Biogeography, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences , Kunming 650204, Yunnan, China A brief survey towards an understanding of

Multigene Molecular Phylogeny and Biogeographic Diversification of the Earth Tongue Fungi in the Genera Cudonia and Spathularia (Rhytismatales, Ascomycota)

The family Cudoniaceae (Rhytismatales, Ascomycota) was erected to accommodate the “earth tongue fungi” in the genera Cudonia and Spathularia. There have been no recent taxonomic studies of these genera, and the evolutionary relationships within and among these fungi are largely unknown. Here we explore the molecular phylogenetic relationships within Cudonia and Spathularia using...

Multi-locus phylogeny of lethal amanitas: Implications for species diversity and historical biogeography

Chen Zhu L Yang 0 0 Key Laboratory for Plant Diversity and Biogeography of East Asia, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences , Kunming, Yunnan 650201 , China Background: Lethal ... were first compared, and then the highest variation was defined as the threshold to delimit species within this group. In this study, A. exitialis Zhu L. Yang & T.H. Li, A. fuliginea Hongo, A

Ectomycorrhizal fungi associated with two species of Kobresia in an alpine meadow in the eastern Himalaya

Qian Gao 0 Zhu L. Yang 0 0 Q. Gao Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences , Beijing 100049, People's Republic of China 1 ) Key Laboratory of Biodiversity and Biogeography, Kunming

The genus Macrolepiota (Agaricaceae, Basidiomycota) in China

support and 1.00 bayesian PP support. Macrolepiota detersa Z. W. Ge, Zhu. L. Yang & Vellinga sp. nov. Fig. 2 MycoBank: MB 518349 Pileus 812 cm diametro, primo ovoideus vel hemisphaericus, dein convexus ... continue to recognize the East Asian collections as M. procera. Macrolepiota velosa Vellinga & Zhu L. Yang in Mycotaxon 85: 184. 2003. Basidiomata (Fig. 7a) medium to large-sized. Pileus 7 9 cm in diam

DNA Sequence Analyses Reveal Abundant Diversity, Endemism and Evidence for Asian Origin of the Porcini Mushrooms

The wild gourmet mushroom Boletus edulis and its close allies are of significant ecological and economic importance. They are found throughout the Northern Hemisphere, but despite their ubiquity there are still many unresolved issues with regard to the taxonomy, systematics and biogeography of this group of mushrooms. Most phylogenetic studies of Boletus so far have characterized...

Evolution of Reproductive Morphology in Leaf Endophytes

The endophytic lifestyle has played an important role in the evolution of the morphology of reproductive structures (body) in one of the most problematic groups in fungal classification, the Leotiomycetes (Ascomycota). Mapping fungal morphologies to two groups in the Leiotiomycetes, the Rhytismatales and Hemiphacidiaceae reveals significant divergence in body size, shape and...

Three new species of Lentinus from northern Thailand

Karunarathna, K.D. Hyde & Zhu L. Yang, sp. nov. Lentinus megacystidiatus Karunarathna, K.D. Hyde & Zhu L. Yang, sp. nov. Lentinus concentricus Karunarathna, K.D. Hyde & Zhu L. Yang, sp. nov 1 ) Key Laboratory of ... whitish pink, and they become pink with maturity. 2. Lentinus megacystidiatus Karunarathna, K.D. Hyde & Zhu L. Yang, sp. nov. (Figs. 2cd and 3ag) MycoBank: 518277 Pileus 0.62 cm latus, tenuis, convexus

Finding needles in haystacks: linking scientific names, reference specimens and molecular data for Fungi

DNA phylogenetic comparisons have shown that morphology-based species recognition often underestimates fungal diversity. Therefore, the need for accurate DNA sequence data, tied to both correct taxonomic names and clearly annotated specimen data, has never been greater. Furthermore, the growing number of molecular ecology and microbiome projects using high-throughput sequencing...