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Entanglement entropy in (1+1)D CFTs with multiple local excitations

Abstract In this paper, we use the replica approach to study the Rényi entropy S L of generic locally excited states in (1+1)D CFTs, which are constructed from the insertion of multiple product of local primary operators on vacuum. Alternatively, one can calculate the Rényi entropy S R corresponding to the same states using Schmidt decomposition and operator product expansion...

Topological entanglement entropy in Euclidean AdS3 via surgery

We calculate the topological entanglement entropy (TEE) in Euclidean asymptotic AdS3 spacetime using surgery. The treatment is intrinsically three-dimensional. In the BTZ black hole background, several different bipartitions are applied. For the bipartition along the horizon between two single-sided black holes, TEE is exactly the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy, which supports the ER...

Boundary Hamiltonian theory for gapped topological phases on an open surface

Abstract In this paper we propose a Hamiltonian approach to gapped topological phases on open surfaces. Our setting is an extension of the Levin-Wen model to a 2d graph on an open surface, whose boundary is part of the graph. We systematically construct a series of boundary Hamiltonians such that each of them, when combined with the usual Levin-Wen bulk Hamiltonian, gives rise to...