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Fundamentals of phase-only liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) devices

This paper describes the fundamentals of phase-only liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) technology, which have not been previously discussed in detail. This technology is widely utilized in high efficiency applications for real-time holography and diffractive optics. The paper begins with a brief introduction on the developmental trajectory of phase-only LCOS technology, followed by...

Deficiency of pigment epithelium-derived factor in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells triggers the epithelial–mesenchymal transition and metastasis

Ting Zhang Ping Yin Zichen Zhang Banglao Xu Di Che Zhiyu Dai Chang Dong Ping Jiang Honghai Hong Zhonghan Yang Ti Zhou Jianyong Shao Zumin Xu Xia Yang Guoquan Gao Distant metastasis is the primary

Enhanced Photoluminescence Property for Quantum Dot-Gold Nanoparticle Hybrid

In this paper, we have synthesized ZnCdSeS quantum dots (QDs)-gold nanoparticle (Au NPs) hybrids in aqueous solution via bi-functional linker mercaptoacetic acid (MPA). The absorption peaks of ZnCdSeS QDs and Au are both located at 520 nm. It is investigated that PL intensity of QD-Au hybrid can be affected by the amounts of Au and pH value of hybrid solution. The located surface...

High-Performance Photo-Modulated Thin-Film Transistor Based on Quantum dots/Reduced Graphene Oxide Fragment-Decorated ZnO Nanowires

, People's Republic of China 1 & Zichen Zhang 2 Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Science , Beijing 100083 , People's Republic of China 3 School of Information and Communication Engineering