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Deep Learning for Musculoskeletal Force Prediction

Musculoskeletal models permit the determination of internal forces acting during dynamic movement, which is clinically useful, but traditional methods may suffer from slowness and a need for extensive input data. Recently, there has been interest in the use of supervised learning to build approximate models for computationally demanding processes, with benefits in speed and...

Anthropometric Scaling of Anatomical Datasets for Subject-Specific Musculoskeletal Modelling of the Shoulder

[Grant Number EP/M507878/1]. Dr. Ziyun Ding is funded through the Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies. The musculoskeletal model and anatomical datasets used in this study are available at

Activation of biceps femoris long head reduces tibiofemoral anterior shear force and tibial internal rotation torque in healthy subjects

: Ziyun Ding, Anthony M. J. Bull. Formal analysis: Anthony M. J. Bull. Funding acquisition: Anthony M. J. Bull. Project administration: Anthony M. J. Bull. Software: Ziyun Ding. Supervision: Ziyun Ding ... , Anthony M. J. Bull. Writing ± original draft: Nur Liyana Azmi. Investigation: Nur Liyana Azmi, Ziyun Ding, Rui Xu, Anthony M. J. Bull. Methodology: Nur Liyana Azmi, Ziyun Ding, Anthony M. J. Bull