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Hopeless Case?: Escaping the Proof Pitfall in Power-Dependant Paradigms

York. For more information please contact , USA Follow this and additional works at: Recommended Citation christi cunningham, Hopeless Case?: Escaping the Proof ... Law Review. A HOPELESS CASE?: ESCAPING THE PROOF PITFALL IN POWER-DEPENDENT PARADIGMS* e. christi cunningham † I. INTRODUCTION She had been hospitalized on several occasions. Broken ribs. Internal

Preserving Normal Heterosexual Male Fantasy: The Severe or Pervasive Missed-Interpretation of Sexual Harassment in the Absence of a Tangible Job Consequence

By E. Christi Cunningham, Published on 12/07/15 ... Job Consequence E. Christi Cunningham 0 1 0 This Article is brought to you for free and open access by Chicago Unbound. It has been accepted for inclusion in University of Chicago Legal Forum by an

Unmaddening: A Response to Angela Harris

Angela Harris, in her article Race and Essentialism in Feminist Legal Theory, asserts a theory of "multiple consciousness" in which Black women are composed of partial, contradictory, or antithetical selves. She defines "essentialism" as the idea that there is an essential women's experience that can be isolated from other aspects of experience. In this vein, she criticizes the...

Another Rainy Saturday in New Haven

: Part of the Law Commons Recommended Citation - Article 4 e. christi cunningham t During the first weeks of the fall semester of 1990, a Yale law student was ... statement made in response to the Dean's publication of the events. t e. christi cunningham is a second-year student at Yale Law School, a member of the Yale JournalofLaw and Feminism, and a Black woman with