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Bacterial biofilms with emphasis on coagulase-negative staphylococci

, with emphasis on biofilm creation by CNS and its relationship with diseases caused by these microorganisms which are becoming increasingly more frequent in the hospital environment. ... strategies of these microorganisms, a fact that explains why biofilms are considered to be of great importance for public health. Therefore, studies and diagnostic methods identifying virulent bacterial

Molecular characterization of Histomonas meleagridis exoproteome with emphasis on protease secretion and parasite-bacteria interaction

worldwide prevalence. Histomonosis in poultry is of significant importance, as it causes high mortality in turkeys and production losses in chickens [ 1 ]. The disease was well controlled in the past with ... exoproteome for further examination [ 13 ], hence their analysis provides invaluable information about the micro-environment of a particular cell type/biological system. Pathogens are known to release a wide

Matrix Metalloproteinases in COPD and atherosclerosis with emphasis on the effects of smoking

, Shore AC, Palombo C, Natali A, et al. Elevated Plasma Levels of MMP-12 Are Associated With Atherosclerotic Burden and Symptomatic Cardiovascular Disease in Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes. Arterioscler ... associated with incident cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality in patients with type 1 diabetes: a 12-year follow-up study. Cardiovascular diabetology. 2017; 16(1):55. 1186/s12933

Comprehensive Application of Graphene: Emphasis on Biomedical Concerns

on the hidden facts of graphene and its biomedical application, with special emphasis on drug delivery, biosensing, bioimaging, antibacterial, tissue engineering, and 3D printing applications. Open ... modern approaches such as use of graphene inks for 3D printing application. Moreover, the importance of protein corona in modulating the cellular interaction, which was overlooked in previous review

Symptom patterns in adult patients stung by scorpions with emphasis on coagulopathy and hemoglubinuria

scorpion (unknown species) and unknown scorpion, respectively. Hemoglobinuria was found in 44% and 52.9% of A. crassicauda and H. lepturus cases, respectively. The relationship between the type of scorpion

Novel Treatment Opportunities Against Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson’s Disease with an Emphasis on Diabetes-Related Pathways

established that there is an increased risk of dementia in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and, moreover, T2DM and PD may have common underlying biological mechanisms. As such, T2DM medications ... is treated with cholinesterase inhibitors (ChIs). Ongoing trials against PDD target glutamate, monoamines, kinases, glucocerebrosidase and glucagon-like peptide-1 alone or together with ChIs. Type 2

Importance of killer immunoglobulin-like receptors in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Killer cells, a type of lymphocyte that is a key element in the defense against tumor cells, cells infected with viruses and intracellular microbes, have different receptors on their surfaces that regulate ... discussed, but studies suggest that HLA-A3 and HLA-A11 perform this role.(7) Most KIRs bind to HLA-C molecules. It is worth remembering the importance of the dimorphism of amino acids, such as residue 80 of

The importance of animal studies in Exercise Science

scholars and professionals about the importance of this largely consolidated approachand emphasize fundamental ethical principles concerning the use of animals in building a solid knowledge base on Exercise ... hypertrophy. The first studies in the areaestimated the diameter of rat cardiomyocytes presenting cardiac hypertrophy42;the association betweencardiomyopathy and the hypertrophy of type II fibers was first

The importance of serological assays in diagnosing acute pulmonary histoplasmosis

, cutting sugar cane and/or wood as well as cleaning sites that harbor the fungus (2, 3). The risk of infection depends on the following factors: type of activity performed, activity duration, amount of dust ... performed according to the modified method of Ouchterlony (14). Glass slides were covered with 3.0 mL of a gel composed of 1% agarose type II medium (Sigma Chemical Co., USA) in a buffered saline solution (pH

Importance of the different posterolateral knee static stabilizers: biomechanical study

PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relative importance of the different static stabilizers of the posterolateral corner of the knee in cadavers. METHODS: Tests were performed with ... varus movement and torsion for the external rotation movement. Two repetitions were performed for each type of trial, whereas only the last repetition was registered by the computer. The sequence and

The centenary of Assemblies of God in South Africa: Historical reflections on theological education and ministry formation

Pentecostal Movement. Then there is a South African scenario, lamenting the de-emphasis of the importance of theological education, though there was emphasis on evangelism and missional endeavours on the ... that Watt (1992:198) mentions James Mullan's emphasis of the doctrine of priesthood of all believers, as one reason for this passiveness towards theological education. This legacy continues even after

Importance of calibration for mathematical modeling of self-purification of lotic environments

importance of calibration in mathematical modeling of self-purification in lotic environments, this study simulated the behavior of various parameters in a river with average annual flows between 4.0 and 32.0 ... comparison, it was possible to show the importance of calibration in the mathematical modeling of self-purification in a lotic environment, by evaluating the behavior of the longitudinal profiles of the

Determinantes psicobiológicos do comportamento alimentar: uma ênfase em fatores ambientais que contribuem para a obesidade

. Regarding the external factors deserves importance the question related to food advertising and the midia influence in the determination of the people diet in developed and developing nations. Thus, the aim ... behavior: An emphasis on environmental factors contributing to obesity   Déterminants psycho-biologiques du comportement alimentaire: l'emphase des facteurs environnementaux qui contribuent à l'obésité

Reciclagem do lixo de informática: uma oportunidade para a química

Recycling and sustainable development are increasing in importance around the world. In Brazil, the new National Policy on Solid Wastes has prompted discussion on the future of electronic waste (e ... used worldwide and in Brazil for printed circuit board recycling, with emphasis on metal recovery and plastic processing. The goal is to put in evidence the important role that chemistry can play in

Drosophila melanogaster in nutrition research—the importance of standardizing experimental diets

second type of Drosophila models employing functional fly homologs is found in the field of lung disease research. Most susceptibility genes for complex lung diseases such as asthma have homologs in the ... consensus within the scientific Drosophila community should be reached to standardize the exact composition of complex diets (including Western type and high-fat diets) for nutritional studies. Furthermore

TB-diabetes co-morbidity in Ghana: The importance of Mycobacterium africanum infection

caused by M. africanum Lineage 6 as opposed to Mtbss (odds ratio (OR) = 1.52; 95% confidence interval (CI): 0.92–2.42, p = 0.072). Conclusion Our findings confirms the importance of screening for diabetes ... ]. However, this trend is changing and DM is increasingly becoming a public health importance in developing countries including sub?Saharan Africa. It has been projected that by 2040, more than 28 million DM


TD, Azeem S, Bodiam CA, Bodenheimer HC Jr, Merati S, Thung SN, et al. Importance of specimen size in accurate needle liver biopsy evaluation of patients with chronic hepatitis C. Clin Gastroenterol

Teaching ESL Students Adverb Position to Develop Rhetorical Emphasis

This paper highlights the importance of teaching ESL students adverb placement to increase rhetorical awareness. Instructors are encouraged to consider designing grammar lessons at early stages in ... who avoided using adverbs and adverb repositioning to add emphasis to sentences, phrases, and words (Macaulay, 2002) . Such rhetorical importance of adverb placement and proficiency suggests a need