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Trends in Open Access

Here at UCF, we recently celebrated the 8th International Open Access Week ( Open Access, the free and unfettered access to research online, is an ever evolving ... , including author rights, open access, and sustainable publishing options. In this article, Sarah talks about the open access movement, including current and emerging trends in this ever-evolving area of

Open Access, Open Data, and Open Scholarship

The Journal of eScience Librarianship is in the “business of scholarship” and dedicated to openly disseminating the theory and practice of librarians who are active in data-driven research, open ... Massachusetts Medical School , Worcester, MA , USA 1 University of Massachusetts Medical School , USA Follow this and additional works at; https; //escholarship; umassmed; edu/jeslib - Editorial Open Access

When Is Open Access Not Open Access?

As open access grows in prominence, so too has confusion about what open access means; such confusion arises from a genuine misunderstanding of open access by funders, authors, editors, and ... An Open Access Publication1 is one that meets the following two conditions: 1. The author(s) and copyright holder(s) grant(s) to all users a free, irrevocable, worldwide

Open Access Panel Discussion

on Open Access publishing and the Libraries efforts to adapt to these trends, including the newly created Office of Scholarly Communication and their visual representation of the Research Lifecycle at ... , not only with trends in their own elds, but with the changes in scholarly publishing – such as Open Access ( and digital copyright – that affect  how their research is

Open Access Metadata for Journals in Directory of Open Access Journals: Who, How, and What Scheme?

Open access (OA) is a form of publication that allows some level of free access to scholarly publications. The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is a repository to which OA journals may apply ... Shrinking library budgets, rising vendor profits, ethics of freedom of information in scholarly research, and advancements in digital archiving and information retrieval have spurred the open access (OA

October 10th: worldwide Open Access Day

EDITOR'S VIEWPOINT   October 10th: Worldwide Open Access Day     Hélio Kuramoto Doctor of Information Sciences and Communication. IBICT General Coordinator of Research and Maintenance ... of Consolidated Products     On October 10th we held the first celebration of the International Day of Open Access to Scientific Knowledge. The enterprise was led by the Public Library of Science

Open Access and Scientific Societies

Societies are encouraged to consider their own open-access experiments within the context of the communities they serve. ... recurring concerns about the benefits and risks associated with open-access publishing in medicine and the biological sciences. - Smembers, their broader scholarly cientific societies serve their

Open Access Increases Citation Rate

PLoS Biology has published a research article that investigates a bibliometric rather than a biological question: do open-access articles have a citation advantage? ... immediately recognized and cited than non-OA articles. As such, it adds objective support to the belief we have always held that open-access publication speeds up scientific dialog between researchers and

Will open access increase journal CiteScores? An empirical investigation over multiple disciplines

This paper empirically studies the effect of Open Access on journal CiteScores. We have found that the general effect is positive but not uniform across different types of journals. In particular, we ... effects of Open Access as a function of propensity to be treated. The results are robust to a number of sensitivity checks and falsification tests. Our findings shed new light on Open Access effect on

Brazilian journals in electronic format: from diskettes to Open Access

funding models and equity in access and use of scientific information were the basis for the organization in 2001 of a meeting in Budapest to discuss open access to scientific and scholarly literature. The ... international movement towards Open Access began with the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI), which first defined open access journals as "those that are freely available on the Internet, permitting any users

Point-of-Care Information in Open Access: A Time to Sow?

The PLOS Medicine Editors support expanding the global benefits of clinical point-of-care information through open access and note challenges that may arise along the way. ... Paul Simpson. Druin Burch (Consulting Editor) is a co-author of this editorial OPEN ACCESS - Taking care of patients requires access to recent and reliable information. In high-income settings, what

OpenAPC: a contribution to a transparent and reproducible monitoring of fee-based open access publishing across institutions and nations

The OpenAPC initiative releases data sets on fees paid for open access (OA) journal articles by universities, funders and research institutions under an open database licence. OpenAPC is part of the ... fee-based open access can be conducted across institutions and publishers to draw conclusions on the state of the OA transformation process. As part of the INTACT subproject, ESAC, the article also

Poor Health in Rich Countries: A Role for Open Access Journals

In the October editorial, the PLOS Medicine Editors argue that the health of poor people in rich countries is of global significance and discuss why Open Access journals are particularly well suited ... Role for Open Access Journals The PLOS Medicine Editors Copyright: 2013 PLoS Medicine Editors. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License

On the Path to Global Open Access: A Few More Miles to Go

The PLoS Medicine editors reflect on the recent debate about access to medical journals via HINARI, and what now needs to be done to increase open access in the developing world. ... Few More Miles to Go The PLoS Medicine Editors Copyright: 2011 PLoS Medicine Editors. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which

Handicapping the Race for the Last Mile?: A Critique of Open Access Rules for Broadband Platforms

owners must provide open access to unaffiliated companies wishing to use the platforms. Addressing current arguments made by companies seeking mandatory open access rules for broadband platforms, this

Making Open Access/Open Data/Open Science A Reality

Collaborative road Towards open Access If there?s one thing we?ve all observed about politics in recent years, it?s that while polarization makes for great soundbites, it doesn?t lead to progress or results ... ideologically driven evangelists on the other. Such polarization was behind the slow initial uptake of open access, where green OA was fragmented at best and nonexistent at worst, and gold open access offerings

Open-Access Colonoscopy in Ontario: Associated Factors and Quality

BACKGROUND Open-access (OA) colonoscopy may increase efficiency and decrease wait times; however, because the patient is seen for the first time at the endoscopy appointment, previous processes, such ... Can J Gastroenterol Open-access colonoscopy in Ontario: Associated factors and quality Shane Hadlock FRCPC 0 Linda Rabeneck FRCPC 0 Lawrence F Paszat MSc FRCPC 0 Rinku Sutradhar 0 Andrew S

Comparison of Traditional and Open-Access Appointment Scheduling for Exponentially Distributed Service Time

This paper compares the performance measures of traditional appointment scheduling (AS) with those of an open-access appointment scheduling (OA-AS) system with exponentially distributed service time ... probability or the weight of patients' waiting is low. It is concluded that open-access policies can be viewed as alternative approaches to mitigate the negative effects of no-show patients. healthcare

Open Access in Italy: Achievements and Future Prospects

The Open Access (OA) movement in Italy enjoys the active participation of single universities, research centres and supercomputing consortia. An overview of OA initiatives in Italy is followed by a ... , scholarly communication, and open access in Italy and abroad. She is actively involved with INFER, the Italian National Forum on Electronic Resources, and with SELL, the Southern European Libraries Link. The