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If you are an editor or publisher of Open Access journals, "gold" or "hybrid", and want to raise their exposure to reach broader audience and maximize impact, you can request their inclusion in Paperity.

Paperity is the central place where researchers, scholars, students, and the general public from all over the world can find and access open literature from a range of academic disciplines. Paperity partners with EBSCO and Altmetric to improve discoverability of journals and help them exhibit their impact. The journals also benefit from enhanced anti-plagiarism protection thanks to our cooperation with and See the About page for more details.

To request inclusion, you can either use the Submit Journal form below, or fill out the Submission spreadsheet and send it back to: journals(at) The latter is particularly recommended for submitting a group of journals.

Note that, although we want to index ultimately all genuine OA literature, we cannot give an estimate of how much time it will take to start processing your request. Adding a journal is a time-consuming process that involves substantial administrative and coding effort. In many cases we have to implement new indexing algorithms from scratch, adapted specifically to a given journal. For these reasons, we focus now on adding large journals, ones that contain many articles; or groups of journals hosted on the same publishing platform. Moreover, we give priority to submissions that come with a donation to Paperity or a payment for the Fast Track option:

  • Making a donation is a way to express your support for Paperity and to help us develop the aggregation further. It gives you an opportunity to suggest what new literature sources or features could be added to Paperity. We promise to analyse every suggestion carefully and do our best to implement it whenever possible, although we do not give a guarantee as to the specific date when the implementation could happen.
  • The Fast Track gives you a formal guarantee that the submission will be processed immediately and the journal(s) will be added to Paperity within an agreed deadline. This option is paid, for details please contact us: journals(at)