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Potential distribution of Tridentiger barbatus (Günther 1861) and Tridentiger nudicervicus (Tomiyama 1934) in the Seto Inland Sea, western Japan

We developed distribution models for two near-threatened gobiid fishes, Tridentiger barbatus and Tridentiger nudicervicus, based on distribution data and geographic variables in the Ariake Sea, the Yatsushiro Sea, and Suonada Bay. Subsequently, we estimated the potential distribution of both species across all areas of the Seto Inland Sea based on the model predictions. The models ...


Physiological and genetic basis for variation in migratory behavior in the three-spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus

Closely related species of fish often exhibit different migration patterns. Even within species, anadromous and resident populations can be found in a diverse number of taxa. Although several environmental factors that regulate behavioral and physiological changes associated with fish migration have been identified, the genetic mechanisms underlying the variation in the ability to ...