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Estimation bias under model selection for distance sampling detection functions

Many simulation studies have examined the properties of distance sampling estimators of wildlife population size. When assumptions hold, if distances are generated from a detection model and fitted using the same model, they are known to perform well. However, in practice, the true model is unknown. Therefore, standard practice includes model selection, typically using model ...

A new design for sampling with adaptive sample plots

Adaptive cluster sampling (ACS) is a sampling technique for sampling rare and geographically clustered populations. Aiming to enhance the practicability of ACS while maintaining some of its major characteristics, an adaptive sample plot design is introduced in this study which facilitates field work compared to “standard” ACS. The plot design is based on a conditional plot ...

Analyzing spatial count data, with an application to weed counts

Count data on a lattice may arise in observational studies of ecological phenomena. In this paper a hierarchical spatial model is used to analyze weed counts. Anisotropy is introduced, and a bivariate extension of the model is presented.