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A new species of the oligotrophic genus Ochroconis (Sympoventuriaceae)

Ochroconis globalis, a novel species of the melanized genus Ochroconis (Sympoventuriaceae, Venturiales), is described and illustrated and distinguished phenotypically and molecularly from existing ochroconis-like species. Phylogenetic analyses using nuclear ribosomal DNA genes (nuSSU, ITS, nuLSU) and coding gene fragments (ACT1, BT2, TEF1) revealed clustering of all strains as a ...

Molecular markers delimit cryptic species in Ceratocystis sensu stricto

Ceratocystis sensu stricto is a genus of closely related fungi that are mostly plant pathogens. Morphological variation between species in this genus is limited, and species delineation is strongly reliant on phylogenetic inference. Primary support for many of the species is based on the ITS region which, on its own, can be used to delineate all species described in the genus. ...