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Redescription of Tripaphylus musteli (van Beneden, 1851) (Copepoda: Sphyriidae) and the relegation of Paeon Wilson, 1919 to synonymy with Tripaphylus Richiardi in Anonymous, 1878

Tripaphylus musteli (van Beneden, 1851) (Copepoda, Siphonostomatoida, Sphyriidae) is redescribed from an adult female collected from the branchial chamber of a starry smooth-hound, Mustelus asterias Cloquet (Carcharhiniformes, Triakidae), captured in the English Channel off Portland, UK. The new account of T. musteli is the first based on a complete adult female and highlighted the ...


A monogenean fish parasite, Gyrodactylus chileani n. sp., belonging to a novel marine species lineage found in the South-Eastern Pacific and the Mediterranean and North Seas

Gyrodactylus chileani n. sp. is the first Gyrodactylus species reported from Chile. It is an ectoparasite living on fins and skin of a small fish, the Chilean tidal pond dweller Helcogrammoides chilensis (Cancino) (Perciformes: Tripterygiidae). A phylogenetic analysis based on 5.8S+ITS2 of rDNA placed the new species close to marine Gyrodactylus species found in Europe: G. ...

Three new species of picobiine mites (Acari: Syringophilidae) parasitising African flycatchers (Aves: Muscicapidae)

Three new species of quill mites of the subfamily Picobiinae Johnston & Kethley, 1973 (Acari: Syringophilidae) are described from African flycatchers (Passeriformes: Muscicapidae): Picobia cichladusa n. sp. on Cichladusa arquata Peters and P. myrmecocichla n. sp. on Myrmecocichla arnotti (Tristram), both from Tanzania, and P. echo n. sp. on Cossypha heuglini Hartlaub from the ...

Longidorus poessneckensis Altherr, 1974 and L. piceicola Lišková, Robbins & Brown, 1997 (Nematoda: Longidoridae): new records from Poland and the first description of the L. poessneckensis male and a bivulval female

Longidorus poessneckensis Altherr, 1974 and L. piceicola Lišková, Robbins & Brown, 1997 (Nematoda: Longidoridae) represent new records from Poland. These two species are described and illustrated together with a male and bivulval female of L. poessneckensis. In its general morphology and morphometrics, the male of L. poessneckensis is similar to the females, but has a spicule 100 ...

Digenean parasites of Chinese marine fishes: a list of species, hosts and geographical distribution

In the literature, 630 species of Digenea (Trematoda) have been reported from Chinese marine fishes. These belong to 209 genera and 35 families. The names of these species, along with their hosts, geographical distribution and records, are listed in this paper.

Haliotrema cupensis n. sp. (Monogenea, Ancyrocephalidae) from a marine gobiid (Teleostei, Perciformes) of the Mediterranean coast

We describe a new ancyrocephalid monogenean, Haliotrema cupensis n. sp., from a marine gobiid, Gobius cobitis (Pallas) from the Mediterranean Sea. This species differs from the other members of the genus by the morphology of the penis and accessory piece, the haptoral ornamentation and by possessing a larger testis. This is the first report of an ancyrocephalid on a marine gobiid ...

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