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Investing in Health Innovation: A Cornerstone to Achieving Global Health Convergence

Gavin Yamey and Carlos Morel, coordinators of a new PLOS collection on the innovations needed to reduce infectious, maternal, and child deaths to universally low levels, highlight the key cross-cutting themes emerging from the collection.

A New Role Discovered for a Well-Known Clock Protein

A new study adds further complexity to the mammalian circadian clock by revealing that the CRY protein has an additional unsuspected feedback role in facilitating a crucial regulatory phosphorylation event. Read the Research Article.

A Molecular Clue to PTSD

Work on rats and humans reveals a role for reduction in the levels of the stress-regulated protein kinase SGK1 in the development of post-traumatic stress disorder. Read the Research Article.

Make No Bones about It: Long Bones Scale Isometrically

Long bones are far from being simple cylinders, so how is the relative positioning of their various features maintained during growth? A new study shows that growth is isometric and that drift from the correct position is minimized. Read the Research Article.

Tuning up STAT1

STAT1 is a key regulator of diverse immune responses, but the basis of this diversity is poorly understood; a new study uses a parasite's ability to block STAT1 to identify the host protein TLX as a modulator of STAT1 activity in the brain. Read the accompanying Research Article.

One Lipid, Two Synaptic Plasticity Pathways

A new study identifies an unexpected role for lysophosphatidic acid in modulating the strength of both excitatory and inhibitory synapses in the brain, but by different mechanisms. Read the accompanying Research Article.

Computational Framework Explains How Animals Select Actions with Rewarding Outcomes

A new model of how the brain learns beneficial behavior from rewarding outcomes emphasizes the importance of the striatum, replicates experimental data, and raises new questions about neurological disorders. Read the Research Article.

New Horizons for Plant Translational Research

In this issue, we launch a new article collection "The Promise of Plant Translational Research," featuring articles from leading plant researchers and call for additional plant translational research to be submitted to PLOS Biology for inclusion in this collection. We also discuss in this Editorial why this field has a vital role to play in meeting the challenges of sustainably...

Data Access for the Open Access Literature: PLOS's Data Policy

The new PLOS Data Policy will require all submitting authors to include a data availability statement as of March 1, 2014. Read more about what this means and see the policy itself in this cross-PLOS Editorial from Theo Bloom and colleagues.

Open Science and Reporting Animal Studies: Who's Accountable?

If being open means maximizing the number of people a paper can reach and minimizing the difficulties of re-using the information within it, then the release of all information associated with a paper is critical. For ethical reasons, high standards of reporting are extra critical in regards to animal research.

A Lot Can Happen in a Decade

PLOS Biology turns ten and, as part of our Tenth Anniversary Collection, Senior Editor Emma Ganley notes how the publishing landscape has changed over the past decade.