List of Papers (Total 38)

A new species of Thelypteris (Thelypteridaceae) from southern Bahia, Brazil

A new species, Thelypteris beckeriana (Thelypteridaceae), is here described. It belongs to subgenus Goniopteris because of the presence of forked and stellate hairs on some parts of its blades. It is a narrow endemic to the Atlantic Rain Forest of southern Bahia, Brazil. A complete description, illustrations, and comparisons with the most similar species are provided.

Neochamberlainia, a new name for Chamberlainia Artabe, Zamuner & D. W. Stev. (Zamiaceae) non Chamberlainia Grout (Brachytheciaceae)

Artabe et al. (2005) described a new fossil cycad genus, Chamberlainia, from the Allen Formation (Late Cretaceous) of Baja de Santa Rosa, Río Negro Province, Argentina. Unfortunately, this name is preoccupied by a moss genus in the Brachytheciaceae, described by Grout (1928). Thus, Chamberlainia Artabe, Zamuner & D. W. Stev. is a later homonym (Art. 53.1, ICBN Vienna) and a new ...

A new species of Elaphoglossum sect. Lepidoglossa subsect. Muscosa (Dryopteridacae) with cristate spores

A new species from the Bolivian highlands is described as Elaphoglossum cristatum. It is very similar to E. engelii but is characterized by a (for subsect. Muscosa unique) cristate perispore structure with irregular deposits (versus papillate spores), more densely ciliate petiole scales (50–80 versus 10–30 cilia per scale), somewhat thicker blade texture, denser scale cover, and ...

A revision of Foetidia (Lecythidaceae subfamily Foetidioideae)

Seventeen species of Foetidia are recognized; one from East Africa, two from the Mascarene Islands and the remaining fourteen from Madagascar. A key to all the species is provided for the first time.

Another name for the Umbrella Bamboo

The new combinationThamnocalamus spathaceus is made.